Drilling derrick and mast inspection

 We offered the following Services:


Ø Gin pole construction, including platforms, ladders, braces safetygates,

    connection plates, bolts and fasteners.

Ø Upper and lower derrick stem sections, including all platformsladders, 

     braces safety gates, connection plates, bolts and fasteners

Ø Dolly track, including all Y frame support beams, beam clamps and

    Joint couplings and dolly carriage guide rails, including upper,

    Middle and lower sections

Ø Racking board area, including support frames, fingers straightness,     

   latches, fingerboard access and all bolts and fasteners

Ø Racking system, including all racking board supports, 

     platformsand system supports, derrick out fitting, including

     wind walls, and any pipe work, such as vent lines or HP mud lines, 

    derrick safety slings and lifting equipment

ØDerrick structure footings, derrick structural general condition,

     and percentage bolt tightness check, if required.