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About Gulf Energy International 

From the very beginning,

Gulf Energy gained a reputation as a‘can do company an oil field services supplier willing and able to take on even the toughest challenges,whatever the location, whatever the task.


From these pioneering roots, the company has

developed into a mature and comprehensive supplier, delivering a wide range of services while retaining its entrepreneurial spirit.


Gulf Energy combines

world class expertise and resources with agility, adaptability and local knowledge to deliver whatever’s needed, when and where it’s needed – quickly, safely and cost-effectively.



Gulf Team

Raouf Zenhom

Chairman of the Board

Reda Ghazal

Operations General Manager
rghazal@genergylw.com , redaghazal5@gmail.com
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Shahid Farooq

Kuwait Safety Manager

Adel Rabea

KSA Operations Manager
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Essam Eldean

Kuwait Administrator
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Ali Zamzam

Egypt Field Operations Manager

Assad Sadek

Maintenance General Manager

Mostafa Mohamed

Kuwait Employees Admins

Huda Ahmed

Representative Accounting Department

Our Branches


Address: 3 Road 306 , New Maadi , Cairo,Egypt
Phone: +202 25172056,+202 25172057
Fax: +202 25172054
Website: www.genergylw.com
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Address: Al fahaheel-Office No. 601 , 6th. Floor ,Makka St. Alanood Tower - kuwait
Phone: +965 65151726
Fax: +965 23929730
Website: www.genergylw.com
Email: inspection@genergylw.com

Saudi Arabia

Address: International Industrial Area Behind Industrial Area No. 2 Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
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Website: www.genergylw.com
Email: x@genergylw.com


Address: Gulf Energy International
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Website: www.genergylw.com
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Our Services


Quality Control

Since its establishment, Gulf Energy’s operating facilities have maintainedthe highest standards of 

quality control and assurance, restricting to the self provided standard operating procedures for 

potent and flawless operations.


We are aware of the importance of our work quality and we will perform to the best of our 

capabilities at all times. 

We appreciate the value of human factors principles and incorporate them in our quality approach.





Quality Policy

The quality policy of Gulf Energy International is part of the general policy of the company, which expresses its desire in being a leading company in the field of drilling oil wells, and the continuous

 improvement of the styles of drilling methods.


The companys application of an eective qualitymanagement system, that matches the requirements of international standard ISO 9001 2008, and legislative and legal requirements, ensures product quality and safety, as well as the continuous observance of requirements in order to maintain occupational safety and the environmental preservation. In addition to the continuous improvement

 of “Enasralanteg” methods, by applying the processes approach in all activities, to ensurethe development 

of performance and meet the constantly changing requirements of customers and guaranteeing their satisfaction. Management in the company is committed a general framework for quality objectives to ensure the following:



·         Develop and improve methods of drilling oil wells through the rational use of available resources.

·         Developmenosystemtmaintaithe environmenancontributto projects that purposes to reach a better environment


The permanent development of the material and human resources through training and awareness.

Improve the company position in the market and work to develop sales. Meet current and future

needs of the market and meet the changing requirements of clients and agencies contracted with

and to focus on their satisfaction.


Work on infrastructure development and improving the work environment Create a spirit of cooperation

and creativity among all employees in the company and work as one team.


 Application of the processes approach in all activities to ensure the development of performance consistently.

Fulfill the conditions of occupational safety and working environment, and developed it to include employees of the company, contractors, sub-contractors, building, facility and equipment in all work sites of the companys head office, branches and transport mechanisms, employees

and the preservation of the environment and reduce pollution.

The high management in the company is committed told the company always for the better and follow of

of systemic approach in management and realistic approach in decision making and participation of workers to achieve the goals of quality. Management is working seriously to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers and the consolidation of good relations with all interested parties.



Gulf Energy considers the principal of a quality system is to maintain a satisfied individual customer, by providing customers with advanced quality services and products at cost performance.


 Gulf Energy is keen to get its supplies from secure best quality sources and the provided supplies are always in-line with internationally updated standards and customers’ requirements and executed contracts.


Quality Assurance


The following are our practices to maintain quality assurance.

•    Establishing a high level of communications and understanding with the customer to satisfy all customers’ needs.

•    Focusing upon services which reflect our customer satisfaction and continuously promote effort towards improvement.


•    Carefully selecting our chain suppliers’ base according to our customers  quality standards.


•    Maintaining the highest levels of quality by using documented specialized control methods and supervision.


•  Our Customers: Experience our services as exclusive standards at the most economical rate. They

recognize Gulf Energy as one of the most dedicated companies that would meet both their current requirements and future needs.




Gulf Energy  Management conducts its activities in a way that protects the health of individuals, prevents incidents, provides secure a work place for its employees, contractors, subcontractors, visitors and any third party, protects the environment and to reduces any negative impact on it. Gulf Energy International Management’s objective is drilling oil and gas safely. It is to provide:

1:A safe, healthy and secure workplace.

2.  Well trained and skilled personnel.

3.  Properly engineered and well maintained equipment.

4.  On-site emergency plans.

5.  Compliance with all applicable national and international laws, legislations, and standards of

Health, Safety, Security and Environment.

This policy and the obligations and responsibilities required by HSSE management have been communicated to all employees of Gulf Energy International.



Environmental Protection Policy

It is Gulf Energy’s policy to prevent damage and minimize environmental impact as much as possible. Gulf Energy will specificallystriveto:

•    Always exercise due diligence in protecting the environment.

•    Abide by all governing regulations.

•    Containment spills; water source contamination, destruction of vegetation or any other violation of environmental laws is not permitted.

•    Workers must immediately report all chemical or hydrocarbon spills to their manager.



Driving and Transport Policy


Gulf Energy International's Management recognizes that road transport is a high risk activity, therefore the following rules shall be implemented to avoid accidents and injury to individuals. The objective of  Gulf  Energy  International  Company  Management  is  «No  harm  to  people», therefore the following policies shall be applied:

1.  Seatbelts are always to be fastened while driving.

2.  Drivers shall not use mobile phones while driving.

3.  A Journey management system shall be implemented.

4.  All vehicles shall be well maintained.

5.  Drivers shall adhere to road signs and speed limit signs.

6.  Should adhere to drugs and alcohol policy It is the policy of Gulf Energy International to provide transport services consistent with HSSE standards. Contractors working with Gulf Energy International shall adhere to this policy.

Managers and supervisors of Gulf Energy International are responsible for implementing this policy.



Smoking Policy


Smoking causes risk and impairment to the health of the companys employees, and is also the main cause of fi re; therefore smoking is prohibited in hydrocarbons areas, offi  ces, confi ned spaces in the company and its warehouses, and in Gulf Energy vehicles.



Drugs and Alcohol Policy


Drugs and alcohol impair the health of the company’s employees and cause risk to their work performance, therefore drugs and alcohol are prohibited in the facilities, offi  ces and work areas of Gulf Energy International.


 Health, Safety & Environment


Gulf Energy is committed to Health, Safety and Environmental management systems that conform to the best practices in the industry.

Safety is an essential part of the company’s operations and is there to protect our employees, visitors, client’s property, environment and the public, by ensuring that we follow safety standards that meet and exceed those of our clients and all governing regulations.

Gulf Energy supports and adheres to the guiding principles that promote worker safety as developed by the relevant industry segment.

The Managing Director , Safety Manager ,Operation Manager , Project Manager & Division Manager are responsible for identifying safety needs, supplying safety equipment, communicating safety hazards, investigating hazardous conditions and accidents, and providing appropriate training. All Gulf Energy employees and all individuals on company worksites are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the safety program, by obeying all safety rules, following safe work practices, wearing

protective equipment, participating in safety training programs and informing supervisors of any unsafe work conditions.


Gulf Energy Provides


1.  A safe, healthy and secure workplace.

2.  Identification and assessment of security threats and implementation of controls.

3.  Well trained and skilled personnel.

4.  Properly engineered and well maintained equipment.

5.  On-site emergency plans.

Compliance with all applicable HSE national laws and legislations as well international practices and standards.


HSE Target & Objective


Gulf Energy's target and objective are the prevention of accidents, injuries, and ill health to those at work (Employees and contractors/Sub contactors) and any third party. Gulf Energy’s vision is to achieve zero incidents.

Key challenges currently faced by the Group include:

•    To maintain and improve upon HSE Performance.

•    Working within a variety of cultural environments and to continue to recognize the multicultural nature of our employees and clients.


•    Ensuring a high level of awareness and ownership of HSE amongst sub-contractors.