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Gulf Energy Int. is passionately devoted to meticulous compliance with all occupational health, safety and environmental laws and regulations. We are also actively engaged in the constant development and improvement of the quality and feasibility of operating procedures, technologies and policies.

Furthermore, Gulf Energy Int. has mandated each of its employees with an identical commitment to excellence in safety and security. We see this as an obligation that serves the best interests of our customers, employees, as well as the communities in which we live and work.

In order to achieve our goal, commitment is facilitated to meet and exceed the statutory requirements and Internationally recognized standards ISO 45001: 2018 & ISO 14001: 2015 to maximize Our health, Safety and Environment performance through our Health, Safety and Environmental ( HS&E ) Management System. Which includes...

  •  Measurable goals promoting continual improvement toward zero incidents and the protection of Environment.
  •  Compliance with all applicable legislation and relevant standards guidance and Code of practices.
  •  Commitment to prevention of injury, ill health and continual improvement.
  •  Setting HSE objectives, periodically measuring & reviewing for continual improvement of Process, services & product through our Integrated management System.
  •  Ensuring visitors and members of pubic are safeguarded from hazardous operation & condition.
  •  Ensuring that appropriate procedure is in place for preventing and responding to an emergency crisis situation.
  •  Promoting a culture where Stop Work Authority is exercised freely and is valued as a proactive process to control HS & E risk and impacts.
  •  Integration of HS & E considerations, including identifying and controlling risks and impacts into our business decisions, plans and operations.
  •  Recognition by all employees and contractors that safety and environmental protection Is a condition of employment and that they are responsible for their safety and the safety of those around them.
  •  Effective communication and training to ensure environmental protection and the safety and health of our employees and the community.
  •  Line management accountability for HS & E matters and the individual contribution of all employees.

Environmental Protection Policy

It is Gulf Energy International policy to prevent damage and minimize environmental impact as much as possible. Gulf Energy will specifically strive to:

  •  Always exercise due diligence in protecting the environment.
  •  Abide by all governing regulations.
  •  Containment spills; water source contamination, destruction of vegetation or any other violation of environmental laws is not permitted.
  •  Workers must immediately report all chemical or hydrocarbon spills to their manager.

Driving and Transport Policy

Gulf Energy International's Management recognizes that road transport is a high-risk activity, therefore the following rules shall be implemented to avoid accidents and injury to individuals. The objective of Gulf Energy International Company Management is «No harm to people», therefore the following policies shall be applied:

  •  Seatbelts are always to be fastened while driving.
  •  Drivers shall not use mobile phones while driving.
  •  A Journey management system shall be implemented.
  •  All vehicles shall be well maintained.
  •  Drivers shall adhere to road signs and speed limit signs.
  •  Should adhere to drugs and alcohol policy It is the policy of Gulf Energy

International to provide transport services consistent with HSSE standards. Contractors working with Gulf Energy International shall adhere to this policy. Managers and supervisors of Gulf Energy International are responsible for implementing this policy.

Smoking Policy

Smoking causes risk and impairment to the health of the company’s employees, and is also the main cause of fi re; therefore, smoking is prohibited in hydrocarbons areas, offices, and its warehouses, and in Gulf Energy vehicles.

Gulf Energy Provides

  •  A safe, healthy and secure workplace.
  •  Identification and assessment of security threats and implementation of controls.
  •  Well trained and skilled personnel.
  •  Properly engineered and well-maintained equipment.
  •  On-site emergency plans.

Compliance with all applicable HSE national laws and legislations as well international practices and standards.

HSE Target & Objective

Gulf Energy's target and objective are the prevention of accidents, injuries, and ill health to those at work (Employees and contractors/Sub contactors) and any third party. Gulf Energy’s vision is to achieve zero incidents.

Key challenges currently faced by the Group include:

  •  To maintain and improve upon HSE Performance.
  •  Working within a variety of cultural environments and to continue to recognize the multicultural nature of our employees and clients.
  •  Ensuring a high level of awareness and ownership of HSE amongst sub-contractors.