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Gulf Energy International boasts a network of inspection service center in the Middle East Region, which are fully equipped to conduct an all-inclusive variety of specialized inspection programs to accommodate and cater to the requirements of both contractors and operators.

These include basic API RP7G through critical service category in T.H. Hill DS-1. Our aim is to serve the oil companies by providing timely, high quality, cost effective Tubular Inspection Services locally. We have a highly experienced Panel of local Inspectors who can be deputed within a short time for the Inspection of Tubulars, BHA and drill string components

Drill pipe inspection

Gulf Energy Int. can provide full range of pipe inspection ion sizes ranging from 2-3/8" to 6.5/8" while following customer's specifications and edition of DS-1 or API guidelines. We have state- of-the-art tube inspection equipment to meet API inspection requirements or third-party inspections, including full-length wall thickness measurement of the pipe tubes. Also have various types EMI of units, conventional ones as well as dual-function units with wall monitoring.

Drill Pipe Inspection services includes:

  •  Magnetic particle inspections on tool joints and upsets
  •  EMI inspection
  •  Visual Inspection and Thread gauging
  •  Dimensional Check
  •  Refacing services
  •  Straightening services
  •  Hydro blasting Internal & External
  •  Cement Removal services


Depending on client’s requirement, the general scope or part of the scope may be covered. Our experienced inspectors follow industry standard guidelines and documented Standard Operating Procedures for casing and tubing Inspection.

GEI state of the art EMI units are dual-function units with Hall Effect sensors. As they are all mobile units our Inspection technicians are able to move units to work locations at short notice.

  •  API full length drifting
  •  EMI on full body for Tubing & Casing
  •  FLMPI on Casings
  •  End area Inspections
  •  Gauging services
  •  Wall thickness measurements
  •  Rattling services
  •  Maintenance services
  •  Hydro jetting services
  •  Retrieved Tubing / Casing Inspections


Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) inspections are carried out as per latest editions of API and DS-1 (3-5) guidelines.

BHA inspections services include:

  •  Black light inspection of end areas
  •  MPI on upsets and wear pads
  •  Visual inspection and thread gauging
  •  Refacing services (if required)
  •  Straightening services for HWDP (if required)
  •  Liquid dye penetrant inspections

We have fleets of BHA Inspection units that are available in our tubular goods Inspection facility and can also be moved to clients’ Onshore & Offshore facility.


EMI 1 Inspection method is applied to drill pipe tubes. It involves full length scanning (excluding upsets) of drill pipe tubes using the longitudinal field (transverse flaw) buddy type unit. Evaluation includes flaws such as fatigue cracks, corrosion, pits, cuts, gouges, and other damage that exceed the specified acceptance limits.


Our comprehensive rod Inspection and reconditioning services are performed according to API standards. Rod Inspection helps reduce well operating costs by extending the life of the rod and minimizing the risk of future well failures.


Gulf Energy International is providing services for NORM survey and segregation.

We have Saudi Arabian Government Radiation Practice License, and have approved Radiation Protection Officer.

Regular medical checkup for the involved staff are conducted & “ALARA-As Low As Reasonably Achievable” Rule is strictly implements with protection principles (Time, Distance, Shielding)